Build Metaverse with Gather.Town for Free

Build Metaverse with Gather.Town for Free


Looking for more interactive web-conferencing software like Zoom, but with more fun virtual interactions just like in real life. Then, you might want to try Gather.Town. Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. It is much better way and interesting to meet online with people we love. It provides a space where people can work, socialize, and learn productively with others in a more seamless manner.

The fun part is that you can customize character, build tools for your room and almost everything which feels more alive. We also able seeing each other in a virtual “room”, and can move around while interact with other participants and also objects. Objects like whiteboards, TVs, and games which can turn conversations into brainstorming sessions and friendly competitions. It also features a number of pre-built virtual settings for educators such as classroom setting, a generic campus setting, a dorm, a quad, a lab.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 110110.png Screenshot 2022-01-19 110519.png Screenshot 2022-01-19 110253.png


For now, Gather.Town only support for Mac and Windows and you can go here to download. Gather.Town produced its technology with low-resolution of pixelated image. Thus, the graphics are basic, and with minimum lag, it runs on a wide range of computers.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 110427.png Screenshot 2022-01-19 110811.png


Screenshot 2022-01-19 120800.png


Eventhough Gather.Town is still new where it was started in May 2020 but the idea about the Metaverse is amazing. It makes an online meeting more interesting and exciting to attend. I stumbled upon Gather through Instagram and it amaze me so much. You guys can check at Gather.Town.

More Snapshots

Screenshot 2022-01-19 110936.png Screenshot 2022-01-19 110141.png Screenshot 2022-01-19 110336.png Screenshot 2022-01-19 111039.png Gather Twn Screenshot 2022-01-19 104520.png

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