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Growing up in Malaysia, I was always fascinated by technology and the amazing things it could do. I spent hours tinkering with gadgets and building my own applications, and I quickly developed a passion for all things tech.

Despite my love for technology, I didn't have access to formal education in the field. So, I taught myself how to code and started learning everything I could about software development.

As my skills grew, I started sharing my knowledge and experiences through my own blog. I wrote about the latest technology trends and shared tips and tricks with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Now, I'm excited to take the next step in my tech journey by enrolling in a front-end development program. But as a student, I need your support to make this happen.

By sponsoring me, you'll help me continue learning and growing as a developer. You'll also be supporting my efforts to inspire and educate others about the incredible potential of technology, both in Malaysia and around the world.

Together, we can make a difference and help build a brighter future for tech enthusiasts everywhere. Please join me on this journey and become a sponsor today.

See ya✨

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