Dev Retro 2022: My Story of Switching Careers as a Beginner Developer

Dev Retro 2022: My Story of Switching Careers as a Beginner Developer

I made the bold move to switch career paths from accounting to coding during the pandemic. Now, a year later, I'm working at a tech company and have made some amazing friends. While I've faced a lot of pressure and seen my friends go on to achieve professional certifications, I've still been struggling with my decision to change careers.

As I look back on my journey in the tech world, I can see all the challenges and accomplishments I've experienced. And I want to share those insights and lessons with all of you through this #DevRetro2022. Get ready for the long wild ride!

Here we go!🏌️

So, I started by learning Python with the goal of improving my accounting skills with data analysis. Along the way, I discovered HTML and CSS and I was immediately hooked on web design.

I spent about two months learning these languages through resources like freeCodeCamp and SoloLearn. I learned about Git and GitHub, especially the part about beautifying my README. Eventually, I realized that I needed to learn JavaScript for more interactive and dynamic web pages, and I started learning it as well.

This Year I Achieved...

Now onto the terrific part, some of the great things I've achieved this year🏆

🔸Accepted Into Software Engineering Course

I was accepted into a free Foundation of Software Engineering course, where I met a group of amazing people who were all trying to switch careers into tech. Most of us had no technical background at all – there was a cinema assistant manager, a nurse, a psychiatrist, and more.

I also learned about useful tools like AWS, Bootstrap, and Git. I even shared my excitement about the course on Twitter and had a lot of people DM me asking for tips on applying and my experience with the program.

After completing the Foundation course, I was offered the opportunity to move on to an advanced course in front-end development. This course has been challenging, but I've learned a lot about complex concepts like programming, networking, and domains. I'm currently building three challenging projects using React. It's been tough balancing this coursework with a full-time job, but it's all worth it.

My article got featured on Hashnode for the very first time! I had been writing with the Hashnode community for about a year, and it was such a cool feeling to see one of my articles get picked for the spotlight. It was about how to generate cool, stable diffusion images using a guide I'd put together. This was a huge honour, and it was exciting to see my work being recognized by the community.

Things I learned -- SEO, plotting my articles, how to make my title and article attractive, how to use Canva for an aesthetic look on the cover post, how to increase the article's engagement and more!

🔸Job At Tech Company

I'm excited that I landed a job offer at a start-up tech company! The company's focus is on using AI and Blockchain technology to educate non-technical people and help them learn. I'm currently working as a system engineering intern, which I was initially a bit hesitant about since it's different from what I'm studying or interested in.

However, after talking to a mentor and considering the opportunity as a whole, I realized that this job could provide valuable experience and exposure to the tech industry, as well as new skills and knowledge that could help me achieve my long-term career goals. So, I can't wait to see where this opportunity takes me!

🔸Networking + Cool Events + Epic Stuff

This year, I've attended a number of virtual events that have helped me make valuable connections and grow as a developer. One of the most inspiring events for me was the buildspace N&W Demo Day, where I had the chance to meet other genius developers and learn about Web3. It was an amazing experience that helped me think about my career in a new way. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to connect with others in the tech industry.

To Wrap Up!

My journey hasn't just been about achievements – there have been plenty of challenges along the way, too. I also struggled with imposter syndrome and the decision to switch careers in the first place. It can be tough to make such a big change, especially when you're not sure if you're cut out for it. But through it all, I learned to embrace the challenges and keep pushing forward.💪

So, if you're considering making a switch to tech or just starting out as a beginner developer, don't be afraid to take the leap. It can be intimidating, but it's worth it in the end. The tech industry is super diverse - there's something for everyone! Whether you're interested in building software, analyzing data, or designing user experiences, there's a career path for you.

And if you're struggling, remember that you're not alone and that it's okay to ask for help. I hope my journey has inspired you and that you'll join me on this fantastic ride.

Thank-you note!❤️

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for all your help, support and trust. I couldn't have done it without each one of you! Thanks to my family, friends, Tech community, TalentLabs, Ever AI, Hashnode and many more!

If you enjoyed this, please show some love by liking💖, commenting🤟, and sharing🙌. Your support means a lot and I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Happy coding!✨

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